Gravity Thruster

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Gravity Thruster

Gravity ThrusterGravitar meets Thrust meets Box2D

Gravitar meets Thrust meets Box2D, in this modern remake based on the popular 8-bit 1980's classic physics game. Includes Level Designer !!


The aim of each level is for the player to to fly their craft into the exit portal. Crates and automatically aiming turrets may block the way and need to be destroyed!

Orb's will need to be picked up by the craft's tractor beam, and placed, dropped or propelled correctly into position on each empty plinth with the level to activate the exit.

** Level Designer included **

Create and save upto 5 unique player generated levels locally on the players machine.

We are currently implementing a server based level saving and sharing system, allowing players to play each others creations.

If you are interested in sponsoring the game and may be interested in hosting an exclusive hub of player designs, please get in touch so we can discuss these additional features.


In-game animated instructions to guide players and explain the controls.
20 Level of increasing difficulty
A Bespoke and simple level designer for user content generation


Please contact us to discuss licensing options.